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Deadpool Belt Buckle Seperate Coloured Parts

3D model description

Multi Color Deadpool Belt Buckle by CarstenD is amazing, but I don't have a multi-head printer.
I noticed that the his design can almost click together, so I have made two versions you can print in pieces. I also split the metal part as it didn't fit on my print bed as laid-out, but it's really just two of the same piece, so print two of them. The photo has one removed so you can see how it fits together better.

The version I actually printed uses CarstenD's red and black parts, plus two times:
- ez_belt_metal_drop_in.stl

If you do it this way, it looks ok but the black part will protrude by nearly 2mm more than intended.

I've also designed, but not tested, a full replacement with the red/black offset reduced to 1mm:
- ez_belt_black.stl
- ez_belt_red.stl
- ez_belt_metal.stl

Last but not least, I've added a new component that fits in and allows the belt to be functional, that is, it will actually hold a 1.5" nylon or similar ribbon in place. Snap the additional part on from below, between the outer two metal bars. Feed the ribbon above the outer grey bar, under the black, around the middle grey bar, back under the black and over the outermost bar again. This does leave the tail on the inside of the belt, but it works. Print in black with high infill.
- ez_belt_bar.stl

For either version, I recommend at -0.1mm "XY Size compensation" in your slicer, as the designs have zero margin. You could probably even use -0.2mm or -0.3mm on the red/black parts and save yourself some sanding.

Final Notes:
- This does interlock along the the x/y plane, but on z it's just a friction fit. Mine is pretty tight, but you may want a little glue.
- The buckle_*.stl files are CarstenD's files, which are the input to the SCAD file, in case you want to download and tweak further.

  • 3D model format: SCAD and STL





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