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Bracelet Voro

3D model description

It's very simple and easy design that I made for my girlfriend to wear it casually...but yet a lots of compliments from her friends's pretty ,it feel and look organic ,the double walls make it very strong and its round edges make it comfortable to wear it... so I decide to share it ..hopefully you will like it...😊
It come in 3 stl files of the same model but in 3 different sizes :medium that's the one I print for my living partner and as a philippina girl she s not very big size ...the small one it's for a very small hand like a child hand ....and the big one it's for big hand and I do mean big let say between a she and a he or both 😜 ..I will recommend the medium one first if anything you can always scale it a couples % up or down with your printer slicer or with softwares like meshmixer or netfabb...thank you

3D printing settings

It's very easy print without any support only a 8mm brim for plate adhesion so it's very litle post processing ...personally I did print it with an ultimaker 2 and PLA 2.85 white pearl to give that ivory bone feel and effect like...layer height 1.5 mm infill 18 % about 4 hours printing time can also print it at layer height 1 mm for a better details but I like the imperfections of 1.5 layer height cause it look and feel more like a real carved bone...

  • 3D file format: STL



Salut suis français vivant depuis 7 ans au Philippines avec ma copine et notre petite fille ...normalement le 3d grafique c est plus une passion que un travail pour moi ...Mais comme je suis étranger dans ce pays c est assez dificile de gagnez ça vie dans ce domaine alors je vais tentez de de me faire un peux d argent de poche avec Cults pour nous aidé un peu avec mes modèles que j ajouterai petit à petit parce que je suis pris 24/7 avec mon bébé de 9 mois et oui c est maman qui travail et je suis papa à temps plein ..😓💪,alors je croise les doigts que ça vous plaise...😊



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