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Blob - zipper pouch

3D model description

##Blobby protection made by the masses

Blob is an easy to assemble zipper pouch made to carry small things like change, a small mp3 player or your favorite headphones. The triangular domed shape is highly protective, and the guide holes make it extremely easy to stitch on a common 10" zipper to complete the project.

The object has been designed with snap-off supports that help keep Blob well attached to your print bed throughout the print process.

3D printing settings

##Print two blob sides.

print two pieces. you can mix and match colors to make some interesting blobs. I used two shells and a 40% infill.

##Snap off the supports.

Snap off the support pads on the button that help adhere blob to your print bed.

##Stitch away!

Using carpet / button thread (for resistance) and a common household needle, stitch one side of the zipper around one of the shells. repeat on the other side. When complete, you can seal the joint with additional thread to reinforce the "hinge".

  • 3D file format: STL





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