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3D Printing Nerd Keychain

3D model description

Show your support for one of the coolest and fastest growing 3D printing gurus, the 3D Printing Nerd.

We love seeing Joel's videos, posts and images and he continues to be a huge part of the growing 3D printing community. To learn more about Joel check out all of his channels including his amazing YouTube page.

We created this keychain so you can show everyone your support. it was created in 3ds Max and prints great at 100%. We printed the file on a 0.6mm E3D nozzle and the thin infills should print great on a 0.5mm or 0.4mm nozzle.

The file is also created with multiple levels allowing you to pause the print and swap colors so you can make your own combination. You can also add the M600 command (filament change command) to your gcode file if your printer supports it.

We are uploading two sizes of the keychain as well.

For information on the gMax 1.5+ Large Format Printers check out:

Don't forget #highfive

3D printing settings

Use the M600 command in your gcode, if your printer supports it, to change colors mid print.

  • 3D file format: STL



gCreate LLC is a Brooklyn, NY based 3D printing company that specializes in making its flagship product, the gMax Printer.



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