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Zebedee - From The Magic Roundabout (Wobbles on the spring and arms that go up and down)

3D model description

Zebedee - The coolest character from The Magic Roundabout.

Designed in support breaks away to create a functional spring base and moving arms.

Refer to instructions for details on breaking away the support.

3D printing settings

Zebedee has designed in support that breaks away fairly easily (using a Replicator 2) although it will take a bit of time to clear away particularly inside the spring. The end result is a working spring that compresses and wobbles!

Print with 3 or 4 shells and a minimum 25% infill. Use Raft but no support as it is designed in. Using at least 3 shells provides enough strength to be a bit aggressive breaking away the support if necessary. Chances are, when freeing the spring, you will think you've broken it but ii's surprisingly "springy" and flexible... which is what makes this print so great. It is "springy and wobbly"

Much of the support can be broken away by hand but you will need a craft knife to break away some areas. Take your time and the result will be well worth the effort...

  • 3D file format: STL





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