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Xiaomi M365 Complete DashBoard OLED OSD SCREEN 0,96"

3D model description

Products Used
Arduino Pro Mini
I2C OLED 0.96" Screen
FTD1232 Usb Programmer
3d Printed Bracket
1N4148 Diode
0.25w 120ohm Resistor

Estimated price is around 10$ (Inluding Printed Parts).

alt text
Please install the libraries I provided in the files, install them to you arduino library folder, usually
I'd recommend you to use Arduino 1.6.6

Physical Connections
alt text

Updating M365 firmware / Disabling the Dashboard
Turn on the scooter and immediately engage and hold the throttle and brake before the logo disappears from the dashboard LCD. You will enter on dashboard disabled mode. The Arduino TX/RX pins will go to hi impedance state leaving the communication BUS free.

By this way you can update de M365 firmware without disconnecting the dashboard or any cable.

A new power cycle will reset the dashboard to normal mode.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



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