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Water Splash in Bowl

3D model description

This is a water simulation entirely made in Blender (and the bowl too). I modified the simulation to make printer-friendly but still kept most of the original simulation. There are two separate models to print it in two colours and a third model to print it in one piece. This is not the easiest model to print because of the small parts and overhang, so best if printed slowly and with layers of 0.15 mm. I did not use any supports and had no problems. The models are pretty high-poly.

How I made it in Blender: I created a sphere and made the fluid flow out of it and fall into the bowl (with some fluid already in it) with some initial velocity. Then I applied the simulation to make it a mesh, deleted the flow, reworked the mesh, and sculpted where needed. Finally, I used boolean to make the two models fit together for printing in two colours, and for joining the two models into one.

3D printing settings

I used the TEVO Michelangelo to print this. Surprisingly easy to print without supports. The harder part will probably be to get the small details right. I printed it at 40 mm/s (20 mm/s for the outer layers) with an infill of 20%.

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm a student that loves all kinds of tech. I've used Blender for all the designs I did so far. I've used that program for a couple of years now.



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