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Voronoi Ball

3D model description

This is the first thing I created in MeshLab and I am really pleased with the results.

My wife wants a bowl of these different sizes and colors on the table.

The cat also loves playing with it, it has a peculiar roll and sound in a tile floor.

If you start by making a small ball you can put it inside a large ball when printing(make sure it is below the print head height when inserted.

3D printing settings

I use Simplify 3d as my slicer. I import it in, scale it to the size I want and rotate it so there is a good footprint on the bed. I have my start height at .2 mm so it just sits flater. See image from slicer if you have a pentagon flat on the table it sticks really well.

I just use Glue stick and 40 degrees C bed temp.


190 degrees

.2 mm layers

40mm/sec feed

2 bottom, top and perimeter layers with 10% rectilinear fill.

No support needed.

I have a big fan blowing over the print area.

Very few fluffy bits to clean up.

  • 3D file format: STL





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