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Typographic glyphs container collection

3D model description

A collection of containers based on typographical forms, a bowl for each of the characters A-Z. For extra synergy the letters are in fonts that start with the same letter.

A – Antique Olive Compact by Roger Excoffon
B – Bank Gothic Bold by Morris F Benton
C – Clumsy by Kyle Steed
D – Damaged Goods by Patrick Broderick
E – Elephant Regular by Matthew Carter
F – Fabrik by Benoît Sjöholm
G – Glockenspiel Regular Fontbank
H – Highlands Regular by Tyler Galpin
I – Infix Regular by Christian Munk
J – Junior Popstar by Kii Arens
K – Klinic Slab Bold by Joe Prince
L – Lovedrops by Mitsutoshi Nobusawa
M – Manhattan Darling by Callie Hegstrom
N – Nasalization by Ray Larabie
O – Old English Text by William Caslon I
P – Princetown by Dick Jones (with optional infill file)
Q – Qlassik Bold by Dimitri Castrique
R – Ribbon by Dan Gneiding (with alternative form model)
S – Sansita One by Pablo Cosgaya
T – Trajan Pro by Carol Twombly based on one of the earliest examples of the modern day 'Roman' alphabet, inscribed on Trajan's column in Rome
U – Unkempt by Stuart Sandler
V – VAL by Fontfabric
W – Warehouse Project by Wino S Kadir
X – Xolto by Ray Larabie
Y – Yard Sale by Harold Lohner
Z – Zombie by Patrick Broderick/rotodesign

3D printing settings

Printer Brand:

Ultimaker 2



Included are 'vase' mode compatible files for corkscrew printing. (Single outline, solid bottom, open top)


I've printed these at 40% in the example photos (to save filament!) You may be able to print smaller, but the wall size may become too thin.

All print without supports. The 'T' bowl prints upside down intentionally!

Some have extras (as noted in the description in italics).

  • 3D file format: STL



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