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trick (custom)

3D model description


I have made a trick (costum), I have tried with spring front and back and with handlebars that can move (not yet tested) so this model can be modified! if you are going to print make sure you have 2 parts of the frame and put it together see picture, if you do not do this you can not put it together. there is a list of parts so that you know what you need is Dutch so if you have questions, you can ask them if you follow him you have no or few problems

(this model is made for scale 1000% cura)
this model is big,
23cm only the frame, is printed in 18 cm if you put the frame together before you print,

(more pictures to follow am still printing)

frame front 1x
frame back 1x
vork armboven 2x
vork armonder 2x
voor veerboven 2x
voor veeronder 2x
vork voet-r 2x
wiel L 1x
wiel R 1x
veer achtboven 1x
veer achtonder 1x
stuur 1x
spiegel L 1x
spiegel R 1x
stuurstang 1x
stuurstang-L 1x
stuurstang-R 1x
kappen 1x
kappen spatbordt achter 1x
kappen spatbordt voor L 1x
kappen spatbordt voor R 1x
zadel 1x
grill 1x
moter 1x
luchtfilter 1x
uitlaat 1x
velg achter 1x
velg voor 2x
band 3x

  • 3D file format: STL





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