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ThatJoshGuy's Head - 3D Scan via Kinect V1 and Skanect Software

3D model description

One of my first attempts at scanning my own noggin using an old Xbox 360 Kinect and Skanect software. Put my head on things!

Created using a Kinect and the Skanect software. The results were okay, but a lot of the fine details were lost. I brought the model into ZBrush to clean it up and sculpt some of the small details back in. The process is very new to me and I couldn't get the eyes right just yet, but I am otherwise very happy with the results.

3D printing settings

Prints rather well with supports needed in a few spots. I printed with 0.2mm layers and 20% infill and three outlines.

  • 3D model format: STL





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