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Thank A Veteran!

3D model description

A combination of a two-color merge (the sign), and a glue-attached single color print. (the statue), this 3D thank you sign is sized for a MakerBOT Replicator One. For the dual-strusion, each .stl will need to be “moved to platform” and “centered” to take advantage of the ‘centering blocks’ at the opposite corners of each file. This will assure accurate registration relative to each other. Make a .gcode file of each and then on the “Gcode” pull down, select “merge .stl for dual extrusion”. Pick one of your 2color .gcodes for left and the other for right, give the resultant merged dual .gcode a name (we use ‘Veteran WHT-BLU’ to keep clear of nozzle going forward and finally, select “merge”. Print the statue straight out centered by itself with the same scaling strategy of the joined files and then glue to the sign.

The name text is ‘Arial Black’, .5 high and .03 thick right justified, the rest of the text is ‘Arial Black’, .3 high and .03 thick right justified, and the three components are 5” apart in the SketchUP file, which is included.

Shout out to “jmil” (High Resolution Statue of Liberty, Planet of the Apes) and by extension ‘bre” (Statue of Liberty) for the base file.

3D printing settings

Created in SketchUP 8

Proofed in netfabb Studio Basic

Sliced in ReplicatorG

Printed on a Replicator One

Full Acceleration

5% Infill

1 Shell


  • 3D file format: STL





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