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3D model description

Detailed creature bust printable without support.

I've been meaning to do more work with no support required for a while now. (My previous piece needed heaps of it...) Still working on another full character piece that should be printable without support as well, but started free sculpting while at Fab Lab Adelaide on the weekend and this happened. Good session. Cleaned up and reworked a bit at home and released in to the wild!

Tested on my Dremel 3D40, sliced with Simplify3D.

Should be fine printed at other sizes (smaller or larger). Please be sure to share your makes if you print him!

Low = 110,000 polys (approx)
Mid = 528,000 polys (approx)
Low = 1,573,000 polys (approx)

(Notes - Worth using a raft on this one as it basically fused to my print bed.)

  • 3D file format: STL



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