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String-Powered Spinner Gyroscope Using 608 Bearings

3D model description

####String-Powered Spinner Gyroscope Using 608 Bearings

Please observe all safety rules when spinning things. Perhaps do not spin them too fast, just fast enough to show the behavior of a gyroscope.

Few things are as captivating and mind-boggling as a toy gyroscope! Now, if you have a few 608 bearings (22mm, 8mm, 7mm) such as those from a fidget spinner or skateboard, you could make a simple string-driven gyroscope using the parts in this design. You need 6 bearings; at least one is of decent quality. Be prepared. It spins fast.

Here is the story. Kids like playing with those fidget spinners, which are technically a gyroscope. I saw a kid trying to spin it faster using a rope, to no avail. So I brainstormed a bit and designed a wall around the central bearing and then added a few grooves to enable string wrapping. With that “wall,” we can now wrap a string around it and spin the things really fast! Of course, we need a long axle in the middle to support the gyro and also for the grasp. Further, a stand would be useful for us to observe the whole dynamics of a gyroscope. It works great!

####Among the Files
1. A spinner, with a spool/wall, that requires 6 bearings: 20mm or 25mm Spool.
2. An axle that is to be inserted into the middle bearing: 95mm or 115mm.
3. A stand.

####To Assemble and Play

  1. Look for a string that is about one yard or meter long.
  2. The axle has a diameter of 7.9mm. It works well for me at a resolution of 0.18mm. Just push it in; it should be a bit tight. If it is too loose, please consider using a drop of super glue or some adhesive tape. If it is too tight, sand it a little bit.
  3. Wrap the string around the spool (using the two holes if you like). Hold the top or bottom part of the axle. Pull to launch; leave it on a surface or the stand to ponder … .
  4. Why does it work? Try some mathematical and physical analysis if you like.
  5. If you have a fast spinner already, all you need is the axle. Remove the covers of your spinner and install the axle. It should work well.


  • 3D file format: STL



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