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Stratonaut: Exploring The Unknown

3D model description

Made in France, Stratomaker is a revolutionary home consumer 3d-printer, they are truly exploring the unknown. It's a perfect match for any skill level or designer. This printer truly breaks the barriers with its impeccable layer resolution, large print bed, connected integration, and aesthetic design. Plus, the printer itself is affordable! I knew that Stratomaker deserved a mascot that could truly represent their awe-inspiring printer. It had to be groundbreaking, it had to be original, it had to be alluring. That's when I thought of an Astronaut! So I present to you, Stratonaut!

I really didn't have much experience with artistic 3D design (This is my first time) So, I took on the challenge and taught myself with a never-ending amount of YouTube tutorials and forums. After a myriad of iterations and mess ups I had finally created the Stratonaut, my vision came to life! The design is not flawless, but I feel that with some more time and support, it can become something truly extraordinary. After rendering and adding texture, I was ready to make a printed model. I realized that I had not designed it entirely for printing, so I went back and fixed it up so it could be 3D Printed. The file that is used for 3D printing is a little thicker than the original model but it doesn't kill the look I was going for.

The render view of my model represents Stratomaker. The colors, the logos, the country, the printer, it's all in there. I honestly wish I had access to the Stratomaker to create better higher detailed 3D models. My printer right now cannot achieve such high resolution or accuracy. I really enjoyed designing the Stratonaut and hope to continue projects like this in the future.

Sadly my printer is not able to print the astronaut with great detail or precision, some parts are messy. I would like to add the Stratomaker logo on his chest for the printed model, but my printer would not allow that to print out nicely!

3D printing settings

Low layer height = More detail

Any infill above 5%

Supports are NOT needed, but if they are used then your print will not have any messed up areas.

The given model will take around 4-5 hours but it is pretty big.

  • 3D file format: STL



student designer who has the passion for everything 3D!



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