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Stratomaker-Bunny #STRATOMAKER

3D model description

I made a bunny in shape of the Stratomaker printer. The paws are formed with the power cable and the wallplug is the tail. Besides that i created the ears in form of the Stratomaker logo.

3D printing settings

I made the mascot in several pieces. There are two diverent types of paws/cables. One lies flat on the printbed and is very easy to print. The other one is bended and looking better. To make it easier, i build supportmaterial into the 3D model and printed it with 0.1mm layerheight. All files with "_ws.stl" at the end have supportmaterial build into it. I had the best results with the "_ws.stl" files. But if youre experienced in 3D printing, i provide a third file with the bended cable and without supportmaterial. You can use that and take your own settings for the support.
The same goes for the body/printer. I have a file with and another without build in spportmaterial. I printed it with 0.2mm layerheight.
The ears has to be printed with your own settings. Dont change the rotation, the top of the ear goes down and the bottom goes up. I printed them with 0.1mm.
The tail/wallplug can be printed without support, just use a skirt. There are four diverent types, they are country-specific. I printed them with 0.1mm layerheight as well.
I printed them all with 40mm/s on my Kossel, dont go to high with the speed.

There's one thing left to say. I recommend to print the files with buildin supportmaterial and use a skirt on every print.

  • 3D file format: STL



Im new to 3D printing, but have alot of passion for it. :)



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