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Steampunk taxidermy stand

3D model description

This is a stand designed to hold a dead insect or arachnid preserved in a block of plastic. The central holder is sized for a 24mm x 36mm keyring sample that was popular a while ago, and has a hole for a neopixel. A 50mm diameter magnifier can be mounted in a detachable mount held on with 4 telescopic antennas. There are also 2 mounts in the base for spirit level tubes (I sized them for the tubes from a poundland laser level), with holes for 3mm leds to make the tubes glow. In the base section, there are hollow walls that can be filled with putty or resin to add some weight if needed.

The parts are cut to avoid overhang so they should come out ok even on difficult printers, but to complete the build, a few non-printed parts are needed.

  • 3D file format: STL





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