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Stand for Emmett's Cube Gears

3D model description

This one is very simple and fits in a small printing area - by necessity for me! It allows me to even show off my cube when it's distorted - the many moods of the cube!

Since all diagonals of the cube (2" on an edge) are not necessarily printed equal, I include two little adjustment pads that can slip into place - gluing optional - if your cube is a bit small in your favorite configuration.

3D printing settings

I printed with 0.3 mm layers, 2 shells, and 20% fill. Space on the plate is so fully utilized that you cannot use the loops your printer might normally include as primers for printing. If you have any trouble slicing these files, just remove the loops.

After printing, the arch should be glued into the base, lining up near the center of the base the indentations in the arch into which the corners of the cube nestle. A glue that seems to work better on PLA is Elmer's Model + Hobby Cement, but superglue is OK, too. In fact, glue is not entirely necessary in a quiet environment. If the cube is too loosely supported, one or both adjustment pads can be slipped into place (or also glued in).

  • 3D file format: STL





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