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Sprout - Self-Watering Desktop Planter for small plants and succulents

3D model description

For entry into the #POLYMAKERCHALLENGE

I wanted to create something useful that was inspired by nature, but filtered through the lens of modernism and the digital era. Something that stands out, but looks equally at ease in a modern home, Ikea shelf, or even you desk at work. Most of all I wanted it to be functional, while clearly defining its purpose in its form.

The result is Sprout, a self-watering desktop planter for small plants and succulents.

Representing a large seed or pod that is beginning to sprout, the cracked shell allows for the plant to grow, while the petals on top conceal a port for watering. The pod itself acts as the planter and reservoir, while a small planter shelf inside provides support for the roots.

- After printing all of the parts, check the fit of the POD_L and POD_R sections. You may need to sand the flat portions along the seam for a good fit.
- When you are satisfied with the fit of the pod, line the seam edge with a bead of glue. (You can use superglue for a strong fit, or if you wish the be able to open your pod later I recommend using rubber cement or a very thin bead of silicone caulk.)
- Place the SHELF into the bottom section of one of the POD_L section. The tube running along the rear of the pod will help with alignment and holding it in place.
- Align the other half of the pod and glue into place, making sure the seal along the closed edges is water tight.
- Glue the PETALS to the pod, making sure not to clog the hole with glue.
- Glue the pod to the BASE.
- Enjoy :)

3D printing settings

Print the petals at 0.1mm layers. They may work at 0.2mm but I have not tested, they are thin.

The rest can be printed at 0.2mm, but for smoothest results print at 0.1mm layers.

If using Polymaker PolySmooth™ filament you can adhere the pod sections together with Isopropyl Alcohol, sand along the seam, then vapor smooth the entire pod/shelf assembly as one unit in the Polymaker Polysher™. If done correctly this would result in a seamless planter pod with a beautiful finish!

  • 3D model format: STL





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I'm sorry, which rule does it not comply with?

It does not comply in any way with the contest rules ... But congratulations, It is the first and last time I participate.