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Spin the Cube, Cone, Hyperboloid

Download free 3D printer model Spin the Cube, Cone, Hyperboloid, LGBUDownload free 3D printer model Spin the Cube, Cone, Hyperboloid, LGBUDownload free 3D printer model Spin the Cube, Cone, Hyperboloid, LGBU

3D model description

### #Spin the Cube, Cone, Hyperboloid

The cube is certainly worth playing around; there is so much mathematics in and around it. In this design, I sliced the cube along its major diagonal and created some space to mount a 608 bearing for a desktop math toy. It is easy to assemble and spins smoothly.

Among the Files

  1. The top part of a 50mm cube.
  2. The stand (lower part) with two levels of tolerance: 7.98mm and 7.90mm refer to the diameter of the axle going into the inner ring of the 608 bearing.

To Print & Assemble

A resolution of 0.2 mm worked well for me. If the axle is too tight, please sand it a little bit. If it is too loose, try a piece of adhesive tape or a drop of super glue. Once the bearing (608) is pushed in, it could be hard to remove. I left some notches around to help with that. Try using a small screw driver and be patient.

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  • 3D model format: STL



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