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Soccer Ball, Foldable Dodecahedron, Using Flexible Filament

3D model description

####Soccer Ball, Foldable Dodecahedron, Using Flexible Filament

Update: Added third version upon request

About 50mm in diameter

** A marble or a small object could be locked inside if so desired.**

It takes 12 regular pentagons to make a Platonic dodecahedron, which can be flattened in multiple ways for a net. In this design, I used a net that could be fit easily on a small bed: A star shape plus an extra pentagon. It can be fit on a 140mm x 140 mm bed, up for some rotation or x-y translating, which is usually automatic.

To allow for visual and playful manipulation, I added some pentagonal wedges (10mm and 2mm, respectively). The whole net can be printed well in one piece.

Further, I added some connectors so that the net can be locked up in a soccer ball, if so desired.

Have fun with “making and sharing!”

####Three Versions
1. Foldable dodecahedron without connectors.
2. Foldable dodecahedron with connectors.
3. Foldable Stellated dodecahedron with connectors

  • 3D file format: STL



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