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SkullBaby Love - Cute Chibi Skull Heart Figurine Sculpture

3D model description


SkullBaby does not understand "love", but he'll give you his heart anyway. At least I think it's his heart...

SkullBaby is a cute little chibi skeleton character who may look spooky, but is simply misunderstood!

This was my first attempt at a digital sculpt using the Forger app on an iPad Pro with Apple pencil. The design is based off an old T-Shirt I used to sell on years ago, which in turn was based off an old Flash animation I made in high school. Some changes were made from my original to make it easier to print.

3D printing settings

The figure prints in three parts (head, body, and heart) with supports needed on the head and body. I have also provided split versions of the body and head that can be printed without support but must be glued together. I have printed both versions successfully, each is shown in the photos.

Just print, glue, and enjoy :) The head has some indentations that help align it on the body, but you can reposition it a little should you desire a different pose. The heart can be glued to the hands, or simply snapped in place and left free to rotate.

I print at 0.16mm layers and lower with a 0.4mm nozzle, but this should work at 0.2 as well. 3 outlines, 15-25% infill.

  • 3D file format: STL





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