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Skitter Lizard

Download free 3D printer model Skitter Lizard, aevafortinhiDownload free 3D printer model Skitter Lizard, aevafortinhi

3D model description

A cute lizard I created in Blender while listening to a talk at my local LUG. I used the skin modifier and a coulpe of vertices to sketch out the shape, and then used sculpt mode with dynamic topology to create the high res model. Started to do a manual retopo, but found the decimate modifier worked fine + a little clean up to make something low poly and printable.

Included .Blend file has the different iterations on separate layers, so check it out if you're interested to see what I started with and where I ended up!

3D printing settings

Print it with support material.

  • 3D model format: STL





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