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Serpentine Merchant - Multiple Pieces

3D model description

Having travelled the stars for many years, this merchant has carved out quite a reputation for seeking out some of the most exotic wares. From trophies to armour, shirts to ship parts - he'll have you sorted with the finest the galaxy has to offer!


Multi part support free print with a large amount of detail.

Each part tested in FDM on a Dremel 3D40 using 3DFillies PLA+ and successfully assembled. No heated bed, so used skirts and etched some grooves in to larger base surfaces to avoid warping.

Single part (and support free) version available at

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out on a range of printers as both a detail and structural stress test, so be sure to share your makes!


Note - This print has been tested at the size of the supplied STL files, but will work 3-4x smaller or the detail is there to print larger if you would like. Total height of supplied files when assembled is a 56cm tall character.

  • 3D file format: STL



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Bonjour, le design vient de ma propre imagination. Au départ, j'allais essayer de sculpter les Serpent Guards de Stargate en tant qu'espèce extraterrestre, pas en costume. Mais ensuite j'ai essayé de mettre un chapeau dessus et cela a complètement changé la direction de la pièce en un personnage de type marchand ambulant.

Hello, the design comes from my own imagination. Initially I was going to try and sculpt the Serpent Guards from Stargate as an alien species, not a suit. But then I tried putting a hat on them and it completely changed the direction of the piece to a travelling merchant type of character.

Bonjour par le plus grand des hazard d'ou vient ceci un mythe un film un livre ou autre ?