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Rotary International Symbol - Dual Extrusion

3D model description

This is a remix of Symbol for Rotary International. I wanted to print one for my dad using both colors with dual extrusion. I used Tinkercad to create two models from the one original. It looks great when printed. I was pleased to find that someone had already designed it. (Thank you!)

Likely the gold model could be used on a plaque or something else and have the background show through as desired.

This is the first thing I ever remixed. I did it about a year ago.

  • 3D file format: STL



I am a high school math teacher and 3D printing hobbyist. I have been 3D printing since 2017 and enjoy making things for my classes and my own children and home in San Diego, California, USA.

I have a 3D printing sub-site See my video on YouTube and my user story written and published by Simplify3D. I design with Mathematica, CorelDRAW, Fusion 360, and Tinkercad. I love my MakerGear M3-ID and my Palette 2S Pro. I have a Monoprice Mini as well.



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