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Remix: US Flag Refrigerator Magnet (Multicolor)

3D model description

Had a request for another refrigerator magnet, this time the U.S.flag. I took a different approach with this as I wanted the backside to look like the front side (like a real flag), so I did not create a solid separate base but, instead, all 3 files make up the base.

While this approach structurally weakens the print along the longer axis, I think it makes a better looking print.

WARNING: For those individuals whom do not have a flex-plate system installed in their printer, use caution when removing the prints utilizing the shorter edges only!! If you try to pry the print up using the longer edge, it will break!

As in most of my refrigerator magnets, I use these (from Amazon):

  • 3D file format: STL





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