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Random fractal snowflake in BlocksCAD

3D model description

This is a randomized fractal (recursive) snowflake implemented in BlocksCAD.

To keep symmetry, I used a simple seeded pseudo-random number generator rather than the built-in generator (though you can set the seed to -1, and then it'll be seeded from the built-in generator, so you'll get different output each time).

The Thingiverse customizer was made by exporting from BlocksCAD to OpenSCAD and moving the variable definitions to the top of the file.

I am attaching an image showing seeds 1-100 so you can choose which one you like. There are many more seeds available, of course (up to around 4 billion).

The BlocksCAD project page is here:

For printing, I recommend increasing retraction to minimize whiskers, and then begining the removal from the bed with a razor.

  • 3D model format: STL





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