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Octopus - with moving tentacles!

3D model description

When desktop 3D printing first started appearing I recall seeing lots of people printing an Octopus model... but it was purely decorative with no moving parts.

This is the evolution of the 3D printed Octopus...

The tentacles move up/down/sideways and revolve similar to the natural rotation limits of your own arm.

Refer to instructions before printing and please note this is a big file due to the complexity of the components so it may take a while to download. .

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3D printing settings

On a Replicator 2 print at standard resolution (0.2mm) with 3 shells and 35% fill to ensure adequate strength in fine parts. Do not rescale on a Replicator 2 or clearances will alter and the linked components will be affected and it may not move as expected. No raft or support required but it is recommended to use my Build Plate Stabilisers due to the fine components in this print. Build time approx. 3 hours.

I haven't tried printing this on a 5th generation MakerBot yet but, based on prior experience recommend reducing the scale by 10% due to the different printing action. This should ensure a similar level of movement and model integrity is achieved as with a Replicator 2. Testing required... but worth the effort!

The Octopus has pins in each of the (48) suckers supporting internal linking components. Removing these pins will increase movement and flexibility. Use a fine blade and carefully flick these pins out. They are barely attached so readily removable however it does take time but does improve the end result. Refer images for additional information.

  • 3D model format: STL





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