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3D model description

We present our entry to the #3DSIMO Halloween challenge, a series of zombified chicken nuggets.

In the package, you will find:
-3 bases
- the set to build the nugget's box
- fork and fork container
- 15 Zombifyed Nuggets variation (more to come)

We hope you like them, but be careful they bite.
Enjoy !!

3D printing settings

We printed them at 30% scale

Printing Settings

Layer Height 0.2mm
Wall Thickness 1.2mm
Infill Density 15%
Infill Pattern Zig Zag

Printing Temperature 200
Build Plate Temperature 60

Build Plate Adhesion Type Skirt

Print Speed 50 mm/s

  • 3D file format: OBJ



We are a small creative studio based in Rome.
We like to do everything involving 2D, 3D,Pixel Art,Art Direction for Games, VR/AR and 3D Printing.
Always looking forward to great ideas!



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