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Niellgaroth the Wise

3D model description

Oldest of the seven elder Forest Walkers, Niellgaroth the Wise is always ready to give
counsel to the lost, weary and or simply befuddled folk of his realm. A watchful eye and
a gentle nudge, should the need arise.

Support free character sculpt for use with all printers. Plenty of detail for resin, confirmed
printable in FDM. For FDM, I wouldn't recommend printing much smaller, but can be
printed much larger to show the detailing if you have the printer for it.

Approximate Poly Counts:
High = 1,896,000 tris
Low = 474,000 tris

Niellgaroth the Wise from Ben Dansie on Vimeo.

  • 3D file format: STL



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