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Napoleonics - Part 16 - French Infantry Mk III

3D model description

They say you should never go back to an old project, but that's just what I did...
This is a re-vamp/update of my Napoleonics - Part 1 - French Infantry/allies ( , and has a number of changes.
In the colour piccy the Mk IIIs are at the front with the Mk Is behind them for comparison purposes.( Napoleon and the Old Guard grenadiers are elsewhere in this series) :-

  • Figures all now individually based - but with an additional base to slot them in if you want them compatible with the MK I figs
  • Figures slimmed a bit so they don't look quite so chunky
  • Shako changes and epaulettes for flank/ grenadier/light inf companies
  • Back-pack re-vamped
  • Bayonets added
  • Flag removed for those who want to 'wire' their own
  • Two styles of drummer
  • Officer re-vamped

If you think you hadn't seen any Mark IIs, don't worry - they didn't really exist - they were effectively Mark IIIs with two figs to a base before I decided to base them individually, so the Mk IIs only exist on my hard disk

I'll be changing the other nationalities in due course - painting the Austrians at the mo..

As usual please excuse my crummy painting which is down to old age and wobbly hands!

  • 3D model format: STL



Ian Harrison from London



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