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Modular Acrylic Paint Holder

3D model description

This is for 3d printing and wall-mounting holders for 2oz bottles of acrylic paint. STL files are attached for individual, 2x2 and 5x2 blocks. Also attached is the python script used to create the model in FreeCAD, which can be modified for other sizes.

The blocks are designed to snap into each other along the edges so they can be combined
multiple ways, however makes sense for the size you want. I was a little disappointed
(but not too surprised) to find that with the weight of the bottles, the 'snap in' pieces
are a little more fragile than I would like (as far as coming apart). In the end, I mounted
these on a wall with 2 blocks across and 7 blocks down. I did need to put a few extra hold
down screws to secure it to the wall, but it came out mostly OK. See the photos.

  • 3D file format: STL





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