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Make Your Own Platonic Tetrahedron

Download free 3D printer designs Make Your Own Platonic Tetrahedron, LGBUDownload free 3D printer designs Make Your Own Platonic Tetrahedron, LGBU

3D model description

### #Make Your Own Platonic Tetrahedron
Vertex connectors and edges that can be snapped together to make a Platonic Tetrahedron. As a design project, the tetrahedron is slightly different than other Platonic solids. To make the edges, I extruded the base triangle toward the center of the tetrahedron.

To make a tetrahedron, one need 4(V) vertex connectors and 6(E) edges. Once assembled, the structure has 4 (F) equilateral triangle faces : V + F – E = 2.

### #Among the Files
Vertex connector
Edge bars of various lengths.

### #Note
Please print one connector and one edge first to try out the tolerance. A resolution of 0.2 mm works well for me. You can play with the resolution to adjust the tightness between the vertex connector and the edge.

The angles between the V-connector and edges are getting small. Toward the end of the project, please bend the structure a little bit, if necessary, to align the edges with the slots. A pair pliers might be handy, too.

Also, please do not mix tetrahedral edges with those for the other Platonic solids, because they have different angles.

Have fun!

### #Reference

  • 3D model format: STL



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