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Magic Frame (aka "Slow Dance")

3D model description

This is a rework of the famous "Slow Dance" frame:

In my frame I used the following components:
- 3D printed mount for electromagnet, neodymium magnet and flower
- 3D printed box for electronic components
- Photo frame (A4)
- Electromagnet: D20mm * H15mm, 2.5kg (5.5LB), 12VDC
- Neodymium magnet: 10x5 (diameter: 10mm, width: 5mm)
- Wemos D1 mini
- L9110S H-bridge motor driver (with heat sinks)
- 5V step down voltage regulator
- M3 bolt (15mm length) with nut for electromagnet tightening
- 12V LED strip
- 12V power supply

Sketch for Wemos D1 (upload it using Arduino IDE):

  • 3D file format: STL





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