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Lowpoly 4000

Download free 3D print files Lowpoly 4000, Revalia6DDownload free 3D print files Lowpoly 4000, Revalia6D

3D model description

The Lowpoly 4000 represents a paradigm shift in modern additive object manufacturing. Not only is it unwieldy and overlarge, but it's tippy and prone to phase shifts. Use of tongs and or safety goggle recommended.

Thank you for enjoying Lowpoly 4000. Please have a safe and productive holiday season joy time.

1/26/13 - Currently available for sale at the 3DEA/Openhouse Gallery in NYC along with several of my other designs (and many more awesome objects by others)! If you want one, don't have a printer, and are in New York, now's your chance. The store will be open through February 17. :D

3D printing settings

Print with zero infill. Unless you like to waste plastic and really want a useless object, then print solid.

  • 3D file format: STL





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