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Lepenski Vir Artifact

3D model description

I recreated an ancient artifact from an archeology site at Lepinski Vir. It dates back to somewhere around 7000BCE. I tried to capture the artist's intent, so I kept the edges relatively crisp, but I like the lopsided a-symmetry. I made the eyebrows a little more pronounced to make the expression more visible.

Archeologists speculate that this has something to do with the subject of death based on the ribs and bones, and something to do with fish because of the shape of the mouth. The people were river-dwellers, so fish were of vital importance to them. You can insert whatever symbolic meaning you want to this contemporary rendition.


3D printing settings

Use GLUB_036.stl with support material, and overhang threshold at 45°.
The .stl is already rotated 80° so that it prints on its back.
This means you only need to remove supports from that side.
(If you want to print it upright for some reason, use GLUB_036_Upright.stl .)

Set perimeters to 4. Infill density can go really low. I generally use 15-20%.
The teeny tiny holes in the chest should give it better strength.
If they cause problems, use GLUB_036_OneSurface.stl .

  • 3D model format: STL





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