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Laundry Day whirligig

3D model description

Another whirligig.

This one is an old couple doing laundry the old fashion way. All of the action

parts are mirrored so they can be glued together and viewed correctly from

either side. They also are printed in relief so painting will be easier.

If an .stl file has a number, that's how many need to be printed. Otherwise,

one of each.

Assembly should be pretty easy but I've included a .pdf file called Assembly

that should be helpful if necessary.

We don't get much wind where I live, so getting a good video of Laundry Day in

action wound up being quite a challenge. Every time I noticed the whirligig

moving, I ran outside with my Iphone to get a video. The best I could do was

about 5 seconds of action before the wind died down. I finally put the

whirligig near one of my surveillance cameras and zoomed in on it. After about

a week, there was finally enough breeze to operate the whirligig. As a

consequence, the video quality is not as good as I wanted, but at least you can

see it in action!

  • 3D file format: PDF and STL





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