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Koffing + Eevee = Covfefe!

3D model description

In the midst of this whole #Covfefe meme, Lauren from Abuzz Designs ( tweeted me an image of Koffing + Eevee = Covfefe and challenged me to create this. So challenge accepted!

I created the model in ZBrush. It took maybe 3 hours of modeling to create it. Then I printed it out on my new CR10. It took roughly 10 hours to print at 0.1mm layer height.

Then my wife post processed it by sanding the crap out of it and filling it with filler primer. After repeating that a couple times she started painting it with acrylic paints and small paintbrushes. After painting she coated the entire object with a glossy clear coat.

Watch here:

Printer: Creality CR10
Filament: Boom! Gold PLA
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Supports: Yes

  • 3D file format: STL





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