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Kitsune - Easy Print, no supports required. New V3!!!

3D model description


UPDATE - V3: After getting some feedback, I have further modified the V2 model to result in even fewer large overhangs. The model's pose has been altered to lift the chin and cheeks, and also the tails. This should make for an even easier print, even for those with less-than-ideal part cooling!

UPDATE - V2: I've added a high resolution version with the front legs slightly modified to join with the body. Properly printed and smoothed, this version would make a great positive for mold making and casting.

Kitsune is a many-tailed spirit fox present in Japanese folklore (though analogs exist in Chinese and Korean cultures). Stories depict the legendary kitsune as intelligent beings possessing paranormal abilities that increase with their age. A kitsune can have up to nine tails, depending on its age, wisdom and power.

3D printing settings

Version 3 can be printed with 0.2mm layers without supports!

  • 3D file format: STL





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