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Hilbert Square Curve - Level 1

3D model description

A "Hilbert space-filling fractal curve" is the limit of Hilbert curves of increasing levels, each with around eight times as many segments as the last.
The curves step through space, turning right angle corners as it goes, getting more intricate at each level.
This first level touches all eight corners of a cube, in 7 segments. HSQ1 is #1 of the Hilbert Series - "Collect them all!"

3D printing settings

Due to the unsupported nature of the model, water-soluble support material or resin/powder-based printer is recommended. This cubical model clocks in at 21.4 mm on a side, but you can decide to scale up (or down!)

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 21.4 × Y 21.4 × Z 21.4 mm



Hi, Dan Bach here. I'm a lifelong math nut, a career math teacher and author, and now a 3D math artist and designer. Download some of my polyhedra or space curves! Print them or use them as assets in your video games. Disclaimer: The (other) big star in the photo is by the inventor of Zome, not by me.



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