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Guardian of the Fire Guitar

3D model description

I've been wanting to wrap this one up for a while, but as you can see from the second photo it still requires a lot of supports. I did get to joining up a bunch of the parts to support each other with some overlap, but in terms of splitting it up in to multiple parts to print easier, I couldn't figure it out in a way that wouldn't need most of these parts to have support anyway.

Basically I had high res resin printers in mind, but it does work fine with FDM.

Size wise, default scaled to 165mm high. Should be right to print smaller down to about 100mm or so, smaller than that in FDM and you will probably lose the smaller bits on the guitar, maybe some fingers.

Low = 262,466 tris
Mid = 1,052,064 tris
High = 2,105,320 tris

  • 3D file format: STL



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