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Grimdark Chrono Trigger Bits

3D model description

Tired of your robotic death machines looking like Baymax' derpy cousins? Unhappy with the lack of gratuitous skull imagery and medieval design choices? Well fear no more! With these bits you can add the sufficient amount of GRIMDARK to MatttKing's killer androids. I might add some alternative versions of the main body with different details, trophies etc. to add some variety later on.
EDIT: And as the prophecy foretold, it has been done. Now with three different flavors of religious zealotry and one version on Xenos safari (fittingly adorned with the iconography of Stygies VIII)

Big thanks to SebTheis for generously providing me with some adequately grimdark models to stitch this one together.

  • 3D file format: STL





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