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Golden Egg in a Cup: Golden Ellipsoid

3D model description

####Golden Egg in a Cup: Golden Ellipsoid (Major Axis: 40mm)
#####Try to spin the egg a few times; You may get a surprise! It stands up!

#####The Design Story

Someone asked for a golden egg. Well, it is super easy to design but not easy to print, because it requires either dissection or support. To maintain its aesthetic appeal and avoid wasting filament, I decided to put the egg in a spherical cup. In a playful tweak, I also converted the bottom part into a cup. Now, we have a two-headed cup. The egg can go to either one of them. The next challenge is to print it in one piece. Theoretically, it possible to print all of them together and then separate them after printing. However, when the cap is horizontally on top of the cup, it can be difficult to pry off. It works indeed when one has a thin blade and a lot of patience (WEAR GLOVES). Then, I opted to slice the cap at an angle for easy separation. Now, if you want to, you could try to print that file in one piece. To save time and the resulting hassle, please consider separating the cup and the cap when printing.

To make it more playful, I made two different cups. The one with a slant top accommodates both caps because of the interior shapes. The egg should come off easily after a few twists. If necessary, please consider using a pair of pliers (shown in pictures).

####Among the Files
1. Two versions of cups with an egg.
2. Two versions of caps.
3. An all-in-one design that actually works.

####Printing Parameter
In my experiments, the egg spins well at 10% infill and 0.15mm resolution. Please consider increasing the infill to 20-50% for heavier feeling.


  • 3D file format: STL



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