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Gatorade Bottle Adapter: From Dodecahedron to Icosahedron

3D model description

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Gatorade Bottle Bottom Adapter: From Dodecahedron to Icosahedron

Big model for showing the duality between a dodecahedron and an icosahedron
Adapter to hang a bottle upside down.

Make, Learn, and Share to minimize plastic waste. This project, when completed, will be donated to the local Science Center.

Using a dodecahedron core and 12 Gatorade bottles (or similar 20-oz bottles, with an opening diameter of about 38 mm), we can make a spiky dodecahedron ( see The structure invites more tinkering, since the bottles form 20 triangles. What if we connect the center points of all the bottle bottoms, say, using some screws? It works but is not safe for children.

I did a bit of brain storming and decided to make an adapter that simply snaps to the bottles and further highlights the center of each bottle. We could use rubber bands or yarn or thin ropes to connect all the pegs/pins. And now, we have a big icosahedron around a small dodecahedron!

Of course, a single adapter could be used to hang the spiky dodecahedron from the ceiling if so desired.

Question: It takes about 1 foot of yarn to connect two pegs. How many feet of yarn does it take to connect all the pegs to triangulate the whole structure?

About the Files: Version A and version B are interchangeable. The only difference is in the gaps.

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