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Foxmen: Marten Hunters Miniatures

3D model description

Here comes the Marten Hunters, the scouts of the Foxmen army. They holding throwing weapons, but they are handle them self in close combat too. The Martens are much better at aiming and scouting then the Foxes, so this is their job in the army.

They come with separated hands, it gives more customizability.

Hope you will like them :)

If you created them please share a few picture!

If you wanna support me, get the other Marten Hunters and other exclusive miniature, come to my Patreon page:

  • 3D file format: STL



Hello, I am Juhász Gergely István, or Ilhadiel.

I am from Hungary and I have a big passion for tabletop games. This is why I started the 3D modeling hobby, so I can make my own miniatures. I can say now, that I am an amateur 3D artist. Please check out my creations, and consider to follow me if you like my work. I am going to publish more and more stuff.

I created a parteon:
I will publish exclusive miniatures for patrons, including a whole Foxmen army! Any support is appreciated!
I have a MyMiniFactury store too, where I put some of my Patreon models to sell:

I created a Discord server too, feel free to check it out: It is all about 3d printing, and king of war (since I love kings of war, and I mostly create miniatures for the game)

I post some pictures about my projects in my Instagram:



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