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Cuboctahedron Puzzle, Cube Puzzle

3D model description

### #Cuboctahedron Puzzle, Cube Puzzle

A cuboctahedron is a polyhedron with 8 triangular face and 6 square faces. It can be constructed from a cube by slicing off the 8 corners (tetrahedra) using its edge midpoints for the slicing plane. Well, it makes a nice Rubik-style puzzle if we further slice the l cuboctahedron using planes that would have dissected the cube into five tetrahera (see my other design:

Based on a 50mm^3 cube, I have designed a cuboctahedron puzzle that can be printed all-in-one or, if preferred, in five pieces.

Method 1: Print 1 center and 4 corners and then snap them together. Add some stickers or paint the faces for a real puzzle.

Method 2: Print the all-in-on version, with or without letters at a resolution less than 0.2mm. Then, use a 3D spatula (about 0.2mm) to loosen the 4 corners. Be careful and always wear protective gloves!

Have fun and read about the cuboctahedron at the Wikipedia entry in the References.

### #References

  • 3D model format: STL



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