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Chickens Whirligig

3D model description

This is another in my whirligig series. I made this one by request for my sister. It by far the most complicated one I have made.

Assembly is pretty straight forward, but if you need help, check out the Assembly.pdf file included in the downloads.

If the part filename has a number in it, that's how many you print. If not, just print one. The chickens are all printed with left and right halves. This is done so that I could have details in relief and still be able to have a flat side to lay on the print bed. Just glue the halves together and you're good to go. The rooster also has a hinged wattle and beak half so that his beak opens and closes when he crows. I used a piece of tie wire for the hinge pin and held it in place with a drop of super glue on each side. I also used super glue on the nuts of the screws I used to hinge the legs on all of the chickens.

I put a video of it in action on youtube. I don't have this whirligig outside because of the snow, so I had to shoot it in my kitchen. Sorry about the video quality.

  • 3D file format: PDF and STL





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