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Cartesian Coordinate System Board, XY System, Plotting, Graphing

3D model description

### #Cartesian System Board, XY Coordinate System, Plotting, Graphing

We live in a 3D world (perhaps more, though). However, in teaching mathematics, we do spend a lot time talking about 2D models, especially the Cartesian System. Some students may well want to feel the way points, lines, and curves are plotted. Well, this board is made at the request of a group of math teachers. It measures approximately 124 mm by 124 mm, with pins covering each 5-by-5 quadrant and the x- and y- axes.

There are two versions. The mesh one has less warping because of the space inside. The solid version tends to warp around the corners, hence the small cuts.

### #References

  • 3D file format: STL



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