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Cactus (Plants Vs Zombies)

3D model description

The Cactus is finally joining the ranks of plants ready to defend my shelves against the incoming Zombie invasion. It's up there with the Sunflower and the Peashooter. Chomper will be joining soon!

I modeled it in ZBrush. I created the main body shape with ZSpheres and then I turned on Radial Symmetry on the Y axis to create the ridges around the body. Then I used the same technique to add the spikes and flowers all over. Then it was just adding the face details and we were done.

I printed it out on the Wanhao D7. I actually messed up the first time and didn’t hollow it out. Which would’ve been fine, but I waited too long to check it and it ended up using all the resin and stopped printing. That was an expensive mistake. But I hollowed out the model and kicked it off again. It turned out pretty good.

This is a perfect use for SLA because this model would’ve been extremely hard to sand properly with all the little spikes and flowers around it. So my wife barely had to sand at all before she could start painting. She started with primer, then moved to airbrush for the main colors, then finished up with paintbrushes for the details. If you want to know what equipment and paints she uses check the description for some links to what she uses.

Printer: Wanhao D7
Resin: FunToDo Snow White
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Supports: Yes
Print Time: 8 hours

3D printing settings

  • 3D file format: STL




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