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Bust of Anne-Marie-Louise Thomas de Domangeville de Sérilly, Comtesse de Pange

3D model description

Bust of Anne-Marie-Louise Thomas de Domangeville, Artist Jean Antoine Houdon, 1780, Marble, Art Institute of Chicago
Scan taken with a Structure Sensor and Itseez 3D app.
It was edited some in Meshlab, Blender, and Meshmixer. Never quite finished, but here it is. I've also submitted it to MyMiniFactory/Scan The World, so I can't wait to see what their artists do with it. Their models are amazing!

Update: I have done some more editing and printed her up. I removed the first model.
Update2: I went back over the model and made some changes, but I'm not printing it out again. It's also simplified. I apologize for the huge file sizes.

3D printing settings

anne_marie_update.stl is the model that is the closest to the original sculpture (as close as I could get it, anyway). You will need supports for her clothing.
anne_marie_update_min_supp_needed.stl is the cheater-version that needs as few supports as possible. Use this if you don't care about getting it as authentic as you can and would rather have an easier print. No supports are needed until you reach her chin.
anne_marie_min_supp_mm.stl has supports drawn in (by hand in Meshmixer) if you're interested. I used this one to print what is in the pics I uploaded. That being said, there was some elbow grease that went into sanding the model before I photographed it.

  • 3D file format: STL



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